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Why Choose 18 Inch Human Hair Extensions?

Hair is nearly every woman’s most prized feature, which is why it’s so disappointing when it looks lack-lustre. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with thick, flowing hair and, although we can colour and style it to our heart’s content, it’s impossible to make it thicker with shampoos alone.

Whether you’ve suffered a bad haircut, or simply don’t have the length or volume you want, hair extensions are the easiest solution.

Hair extensions can now blend in seamlessly with your actual hair, creating long, natural looking locks that always look ultra-glamorous.

Ever wondered how celebrities have such stunning looking hair? More often than not, it’s actually the result of quality extensions. In fact, hair extensions have been helping the rich and famous enhance their hair for centuries; although they seem like a modern invention, hair pieces have been around for a very long time.

Are you not sure what length of extensions to plump for?

If you want hair extensions that reach to the middle of your shoulder blades, 18-inch extensions could be ideal. This length is long enough to be glamorous, but not so long that it tangles easily.

Whatever type of extensions you’re after, All Shades Covered can provide not only the right length but the correct texture (kinky, straight, curly, etc).

Find out more about our 18 inch hair extensions.

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