Taking care of your wig

How to keep your wig so fresh and so clean…

Just over a month ago, I had my first ever custom 360 lace frontal wig made using gorgeous hair provided by All Shades Covered and I dished all the details in my previous blog post. Since then, I’ve been enjoying being about that wig life and experimenting with different hairstyles. There is often a misconception that wigs require less work and maintenance than regular weaves or hair extensions, but I discovered first-hand that this is far from the reality. If I simply flung on my wig in the morning and walked out the door, chances are that I’d look like a bit of a hot a mess.  Wigs - and especially human hair lace wigs - require careful and accurate application and need to be styled daily to achieve the most flattering and realistic finish. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to maintain your wig so that it lasts longer then you’ve come to the right place. Cue my fool proof guide to wig maintenance…

Brand New Braids

It’s no secret that wigs make for an outstanding protective hairstyle. That’s why I like to use wearing wigs as an opportunity to take extra care of my natural hair underneath. I treat my tresses to a deep-conditioning treatment   every four weeks to keep my scalp and strands healthy. Getting my braids re-done regularly also keeps my edges tight so that there are no stray hairs coming through on the hairline of my wig.  Most days I wear my wig glue-less, which is why it’s even more important that I constantly have a tightly braided base to keep my wig positioned in the right place.     

Wig Wash Day
On average, I aim to wash my wig every 7-10 days to keep the hair as clean and polished as possible. I start my wig wash day routine by first detangling the hair with a wide-tooth comb, so that it’s completely smooth. Next, I rinse the wig with lukewarm water and run my fingers through it simultaneously, so that the hair doesn’t tangle in the process. Once the hair is wet, I the lather up the shampoo – I use Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo – and massage it into the wig from the top-to-the-bottom.  I then rinse off the shampoo and follow-up with a conditioner of my choice - I’m currently loving KeraCare Humecto Crème Conditioner because it protects hair from heat-damage.  When conditioning my wig, I gently massage the product into the 360 frontal lace – to get rid of any makeup residue and grease – and gently work my way the way down to the ends. I usually leave the conditioner on for around 20-minutes so that it can soak into each strand before washing it off.

The Blow Dry                                                                                                                                                                                       
After washing my wig, I tend to blow dry the wig while it’s off my head as it makes it easier and faster to get through each section. I always blow-dry the hair from the root-to-tip to protect it from shedding and any heat-damage. Once the wig is dry, I apply it to my head so that I can straighten my hair in the way that I would like it to fall. I divide my crown into six small sections and straighten each part until my tresses look and feel sleek. A great tip is to avoid using heavy styling serums or moisturisers to smooth-down the wig as ASC hair extensions already have a stunning shine, so you don’t want to weigh them down unnecessarily.
Styling The Wig 
Before styling the wig, I need to position it precisely so that the ear-tabs are sitting in the right place and the frontal is fully secured. I then take a small comb and create a side parting and groom the rest of my hair backwards. Squirting a small amount of hair mousse into the palm of my hands, I slather the product onto the top of my wig, while flattening down both sides of my parting with my finger tips. Next, I wrap the top of my wig with a silk scarf and allow the style to set in place for around 30-minutes. When the time is up, I unravel my locks and then normally decide whether I’d like to glue down the wig and create baby hairs using Schwarzkopf Got2BGlued Spiking Glue. I personally prefer the glue-less option for day-to-day wear and only glue my wig down for a special occasions, or if I’d like to wear my hair up. That’s the beauty of having a bespoke 360 lace frontal wig, it’s super versatile and the styling possibilities are endless.       


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Taylor Bishop - January 28, 2019

Thanks for these tips for taking care of a wig. I’m glad that you mentioned it’s important to try to wash the wig every week or so. It sounds important to try to have a lot of time set aside to do this, especially so you don’t rush the washing process. http://mcwigs.com/wigs.html

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