Wedding Hair Dos and Don'ts

Let’s face it we’ve all had bad hair days where your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s too frizzy, dry and just doesn’t look right. Worst thing about these days is that you usually have something important to do that you can’t get out of. Plus, you run into everyone and their aunt. The one day where there's no room for error is on on your wedding day. You won’t be able to escape the photographs and memories that people will have of you so you have to make sure you’re prepared and your hair is in tip top condition. After all, you won’t have a  big hat or a baggy hoody to hide behind. Have no fear, we’re here to make sure that a ‘hairtastrophe’ does  NOT happen to you on the biggest day of your life, your wedding day. 

While some brides realise the importance of wedding hair, others take the subject quite lightly and end up disappointed with their hair. It’s important to remember that your hair plays an important role on the overall look.Your hair will either compliment the dress or clash with it. So making sure your hair looks right on the day will save you from a lifetime full of cringe-worthy photos. Here are some of our hair dos and don’ts to ensure your hair is on point for the big day.

Do make sure your hair extensions are of good quality. Whether you’ve opted for a wig or hair extensions ensure that the hair is exceptional. Spare no cost when it comes to finding the perfect hair. You want your hair to adhere to your desired style and be styled with ease. Take a look at our selection of bundles and wigs in different lengths and textures.  

Don’t try something new if you’re not comfortable. Of course you want to look your best on your big day, but don’t pressurise yourself to try something you’re not comfortable with. If you do want to experiment, make sure you take lots of pictures with the hair first so you can see exactly how it will look. This is especially important if you’re planning on experimenting with colour. Check out SS18 Wedding Hair Inspiration blog for all the trendiest bridal looks. 

Do go to a salon that is reputable and experienced, preferably somewhere you’ve been before with a stylist you trust. The point of extensions is to add length or volume to your natural hair without being detected. Hair extensions that are obvious are ones that are poor quality, have conflicting textures and do not match in colour. Avoid inexperienced salons and amateur freelance stylists. Check out our blog on How To Find The Perfect Stylist for some guidance. 

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Wedding planning is known to be hectic and sometimes time is not on your side, but make sure your hair is not neglected as deciding what you actually want for your wedding can be confusing and you don’t want to rush your decision because of lack of time. 

Do speak to your friends and families. Your friends and families are closest to you and can be brutally honest if need be. If you’re not sure about how your hair looks or if a particular style suits you, do ask them for feedback. They have your best interest at heart and want nothing more but for you to enjoy your big day and look your absolute best. 

Make sure your wedding is a day to remember for all the right reasons. Shop all your hair essentials here to get the hair that everyone will be talking about.

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