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She's smart, she's fearless and she's vibrant, but most importantly she makes any hairstyle look amazing. We caught up with the gorgeous ASC Angel, Amina and found out her hair tips and favourite looks. Learn more about the fashion and media creative who loves to travel with our exclusive interview with her.
Name: Amina
Nick Name: I have different ones that my close friends & family call me.
Heritage: Nigerian 
Age: 32
Location: Essex
1) The best thing about being an influencer / dancer (& how I became a one) ... I started blogging after I kept getting people asking me where I got my clothes from and a friend of mine suggested that I should start a blog so I could properly share all my shopping and style secrets with everyone. What I love most about being a blogger/influencer is that I get a chance to share myself with my followers and be some sort of inspiration and encouragement to them, not just with what I wear, but also through my thoughts on life issues and the various aspects of my life that I choose to share with them. 
2) If I wasn’t an influencer / dancer, I’d be.... Blogging is something that will ALWAYS be a part of me. Even if I was an astronaut, I would still take pictures of my outfit and post it on instagram, and I would still write blog posts.
3) I think beauty and fashion diversity at the moment is.... Whatever it means to you as an individual.
4) My favourite hair style on was/is... I don't think I have a favourite hair style, but I certainly love when I'm wearing grey or blonde hair the most.
5) I look after my hair & style on the go by... My real hair is completely natural underneath my wigs, and is usually cornrowed and tucked away for months on end. As for my wigs, I like to give them a good wash and deep condition every few weeks to keep them alive and bouncy.
6) My hair care routine is... I wash, deep condition, detangle, condition, and cornrow my natural hair about twice every couple of months. Other than that, I moisturise it as much as I can underneath my wigs.
7) I try to maintain healthy hair by.... Keeping it moisturised, trimmed every now and then, and leaving it alone.
8)You’ll never see me wear my hair.... All back in a ponytail, cos my head is tiny and having all my hair away from my face only makes my face look bigger. I also have a massive forehead that I'm still learning to embrace... baby-steps!
9) My biggest hair regret / disaster was.... Shaving my sides off! Thankfully its grown back, but it's still not the same length as the rest of my hair, which is actually quite long.
10) The quote I live by...... "All things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28 in the Bible.
11) The hair product I can’t live without.... Deep conditioner  
12) My secret hair tip.... I rarely use a comb to comb my hair. I prefer to use my fingers.
13) My worst hair habit.... Not having it out enough throughout the year.  
14) Favourite way to wear your hair: Wigs for sure!   
15) I look after my wigs/weaves by....  For my wigs, I like to give them a good wash and deep condition every few weeks to keep them alive and bouncy.  
16) The hair tool I cannot live without.... A brush and a wide tooth comb  
17)Biggest Hair Challenge.... Detangling! My hair natural hair likes to stick together like dreads once it's wet.  
18) If I was stuck on a desert Island, my three hair items would be.... Because.... A brush, got2b glue, and a 2in1 shampoo & conditioner. What more do I really need? I'm good!
19) The best piece of advice I’ve received is... My identity is found in God & God alone.
20) To me, hair means... Something that grows on your head and can be used as a form of self-expression.  
21) I would tell my younger self... Let God be the centre of everything you do.  
22) I’d love to dye my hair to.... Grey
23) If I could be stuck in a salon with anyone living or dead, I would choose... Because... Rihanna, she's my bestie... in my head.  
24) Beauty is... God's love
25) My advice to young black women who struggle with confidence is... You only have one life to live. Don't waste it being worried about what other people think of you. 
26) What message do you want to give to all black women who struggle to love their hair and themselves... Loving your hair can easily be fixed with a new hairdo, but loving yourself is an ongoing journey that could take a life time. But the main thing is to make sure you start that journey before it's too late. You deserve it!


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