Remy? Virgin? Human?

When it comes to browsing through hair extensions it’s almost impossible to avoid these terms, but for the unassuming newbie these are just a few (of many terms) which can be quite confusing. Still, knowing what they mean, and how to identify them is absolutely crucial to ensuring that you are making a good hair investment.

So, we’ve comprised a simple guide to help you do just that – Let’s get to it! 

Remy Hair

Typically, Remy hair is the highest grade/finest quality of human hair extensions you can get. This is hair that would have been cut directly from the head of a singular donor while in a ponytail, to ensure that no hair falls to the ground and all hair cuticles are aligned and unidirectional. In other words, all the hair is facing one direction as it would be if it was growing downwards from a scalp.

But Why is it so important for all the hair to be in the same direction? 

Well it’s all about the hair’s outer protective layer - the cuticles. The hair’s cuticles are layered downwards over each other – much like shingles on a roof, only that they are not visible to the naked eye. Not only do they protect the hair from damage caused by styling, but the degree to which they are intact and lay flat will also determine the hair’s smoothness and glossiness. Additionally, when each individual hair’s cuticles are unidirectional it prevents the hairs from tangling with each other. All these factors give Remy hair the premium quality, resilience, and durability it is widely loved for – and is also why it is otherwise known as “Full Cuticle Hair”.


Well if Remy hair is this lush, what’s all the fuss about Virgin hair?

Girl, am I glad you asked

Virgin (Unprocessed) Hair

It seems rational to assume that all Remy hair is 100% Human, right? But is all Remy hair Virgin hair? Not exactly. For commercial purposes, most weave companies/suppliers need consistency across their extension styles. Meaning there must be uniformity amongst their straight, wavy, and curly bundles. This is almost impossible to achieve naturally as no two human beings have exactly the same texture, curl or wave pattern. What good manufacturers do after obtaining the virgin human hair is to perm it to mimic a certain curl or wave pattern. Although if done properly it shouldn’t significantly affect the quality of the hair, once any chemical processing has been applied to the hair, it ceases to be “Virgin hair”. With good conditioning and maintenance practices, quality virgin hair that has been permed properly can last for just as long and look just as good as pure Virgin Hair.

Making a Good Investment

Sadly, as cuticle layers are not visible to the naked eye, it is very difficult to tell if the hair you are looking to buy will be a quality buy. However, because of the level of care and consideration that goes into processing quality bundles, it naturally follows that they will often be sold with a significant premium – when compared to synthetic or beauty supply store hair. While this is true, many of us have still managed to make the mistake of buying expensive hair from a manufacturer who has cut corners so, as a newbie, be sure to look to trusted sources for reviews and recommendations before you make your final decision.

ASC Hair

We’ve built our brand on the veracity of our hair. Not only is our hair sourced from the best, but we also have the quality of our extensions verified by a range of independent stylists and specialists to ensure you’re getting premium, durable hair that will love you and much as (we’re sure) you will love it! But don’t take my word for it, have a look through our Remy range yourself.

For more tips on how to slay with your first weave, why not check out our Guide to Your First Weave or this cute list of ‘Extension Do’s & Don’ts’.

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