Nubian Skin: An Interview With CEO Ade Hassan

Hi Ade!
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand Nubian Skin?
I'm Ade Hassan, I'm 33 and I'm the founder of Nubian Skin!
What is your go to hairstyle?
I recently cut my hair short so that is my go-to!
Wigs, Weaves, Natural or Relaxed, and why?
I used to have relaxed hair, but after I grew frustrated with it I decided to cut it all off, so now I'm natural. I've never been into wigs or weaves. 
Who is your hair inspiration?
Maria Borges
(Maria Borges)
What does hair mean to you?
Hair to me is something fun, I've always loved playing with different styles and hair cuts - I don't take it too seriously. I got sick of it recently, so I cut it all off. That being said, I did freak out when I found my first grey hair, so I do take it seriously at times. 
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
When I started Uni, I knew I would work in finance,  but I also knew that I wanted to own my own business one day and preferably in fashion. 
If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?
Get a language degree at university?
How would you define success?
Success is being content and working hard to achieve your goals.
How did the Beyonce collaboration come to life?
One of her stylists actually reached out to us and sent us an e-mail. At first I thought it was a scam, so I didn't respond, but then I checked with some friends in the industry and they said he was legit! Needless to say I replied pretty quickly after that. 
(Beyonce in Nubian Skin for her formation tour 2016)
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
I do something for the first time most days!
What is the biggest challenge you faced in your career?
Dealing with the pressures of being an entrepreneur- the challenges are plentiful and varied. It's a constant challenge find balance while working hard to bring my dream to life. 
What is the secret to success?
Work really, really hard! Ask for help when needed. 
What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business?
Firstly, it's really important to research your idea to make sure whatever it is, it's valid. Make sure you really believe in the idea especially if you're working in another job. If you're working at 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m working on this then you need to believe in it. You also need to be willing to work really hard.Everybody who is going to start something anticipates that it’s going to be difficult, and that it’s going to be hard, but it will be so much more difficult and so much harder than you can prepare yourself for. Finally, have faith in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?
Why did you start Nubian Skin?
I started Nubian Skin because I was frustrated by not being able to find what I wanted in shops, and knew I couldn’t be the only person who felt the same way!
What is your opinion on diversity in the fashion industry?
The fashion industry is beginning to embrace diversity, but it has a long way  to go. I think small brands breaking the mould and certain figures in the industry willing to speak up is creating a shift. 
What is your favourite product in Nubian Skin? 
It used to be Cinnamon T-shirt bra, but now I've been wearing the Slip in our new Naked Collection a lot. 
What's next for Nubian Skin?
We have just launched the first part of our new Naked Collection, and so we're excited to add to that! Hopefully, with more bra sizes before the end of the year!
October is Black History Month in the UK - in your personal opinion who in the black community has impacted your life?
My parents. They set a high bar for me and I stand on their shoulders. 
(Nubian Skin essential collection)
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