Mother's and Their Daughters

It goes without saying that being a mum is the toughest, most rewarding job and our mums are more than just mothers. They are often our counsellors, teachers, cooks, cleaners, taxi drivers and best friends. To celebrate mother’s day, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite melinated mother and daughter combos. These celebrity mothers have passed on their talent as well as their beauty to their  fabulous children.

Naomi Campbell & Valerie Morris
It’s inevitable that good looks run in Naomi Campbell’s family, and it’s very clear where her good looks come from. Naomi’s mum Valerie Morris (age 66) could pass as Naomi’s sister. Like mother, like daughter, Valerie is also a former model and dancer which explains why they both always look so poised and catwalk ready.
Everyone knows that sleek straight black hair is Naomi’s signature hairstyle and we weren’t surprised to find out that her mother goes for the same sleek look in honey blonde. Why fix something that’s not broken? Straight hair is perfect to emphasise facial features and really looks sophisticated.

Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross
If you haven’t heard of this iconic mother and daughter pair, then you’ve been living under a rock. Legendary singer Diana Ross is an American singer, song writer and actress. While her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross didn’t follow in her footsteps as a singer, she did pursue acting and hosting. It appears that the pair have a tight knit relationship as they attend ceremonies together and have been seen walking the red carpet with each other. Tracee even paid tribute to her mother by wearing one of Diana’s most iconic looks while she was hosting the 2017 AMA’s. The beauty wore a black sequined blouse with a white pant suit identical to the one her mother wore when performing with Michael Jackson back in 1981.

When Diana Ross’ name is mentioned, the first thing that springs to mind is her music. But you can’t think about Diana’s music without picturing her fabulous hair. They do say a girl’s best accessory is her hair, and with Diana’s case it’s definitely more than an accessory. The stunner can almost always be seen rocking her natural fro and her daughter Tracee is no different. After all what’s better than the hair that grows out of your head.

Zoe kravitz & Lisa Bonet 
We are obsessed with Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s relationship. The two actresses have 21 years between them but you would never know if we didn’t tell you. Although everyone is aware that the pair are mother and daughter, they definitely have a more sister type bond. It’s clear that Zoe is obsessed with her family as she’s always posting snaps of her and her mother. Zoe even took her mother Lisa to the Vanity Fair Oscar Bash in Beverly Hills. In the words of Zoe, her mother was “the best date ever”.

Stylish is an understatement when describing Zoe Kravitz. The mega babe is known for starting her own trends and owning her edgy look and it’s no difference when it comes to her mum. Bonet rose to fame when she played Denise Huxtable on the Cosby show and we all used to envy her wardrobe. They are both also seen as massive hair inspiration. Zoe is known for rocking different hairstyles. From bleach blonde hair to long black tresses. We’ve seen every type of fringe, braid and pixie crop on the girl and we are always obsessed. Lisa’s hair is no different. The stunner is known for being a risk taker. In her rise to stardom she would always experiment with her hair with bold looks. Throughout the 7 seasons of the Cosby show, Lisa switched up her hair more than anyone else. She started off with her long natural curly hair and soon spiced things up with braids, short pixie cuts and curly bobs until she starting growing locs. Now her carefree locs are her staple. This mother daughter pair love to take risks when it comes to style and hair and we are living for it!


Beyonce & Tina Lawson
Many refer to Beyonce as Queen Bee and most of us live our lives listening to her music on the regular, but Beyonce never takes all the credit and is the first to acknowledge her female predecessors for empowering her. That means Beyonce is always showing lots of love to her supportive mother Ms Tina Lawson. The feelings are mutual as Tina is constantly posting photos of her two daughters Beyonce and Solange, expressing how proud of the two she is. Beyonce is a household name in music, but she has done her fair share of acting too. Although she inherited her looks from her mother, Tina was always more backstage rather than centre stage. She started off as a makeup artist but later developed into Destiny’s Child’s costume designer.

Excluding the hair, Beyonce is a spitting image of Tina Lawson and everyone would agree. Although (majority of the time) they both tend to stick to honey blonde hair, Tina seems to go for the same style. Usually her mid length body wave hair or her natural curls. Either way we would never be able to tell if she was wearing hair extensions or not. Beyonce on the other hand is known for her many hairstyles. She’s been sporting honey blonde tresses for a while but is known for experimenting with curly, wavy, straight, kinky and even crimped hair. She’s always turning heads when it comes to her hair and is definitely a hair inspo to many.

Jada Pinkett Smith & Willow Smith
Jada and Will almost always seem to make headlines with their parenting choices, but they stick to their guns when it comes to the way they raise their kids even though it may seem unconventional. These non-traditional disciplining methods seem to make the family closer and allow for creative expression. Willow made her debut single “Whip my hair” at the age of 9 which may seem young for most, but the young artist had full support from her mum Jada. Their non – traditional mother daughter relationship may shock some but clearly works for them.

The two stunners love to express themselves with their hair and their styles are similar but the same. Jada has no problem experimenting with colour, texture and cut. Some of her most memorable hairstyles include big voluminous curls, half shaven hair and short blonde hair. Either way she looks flawless in all of them. Willow isn’t far off in terms of becoming a hair icon. At just 17 the young star has experimented with more hairstyles then we ever will. She’s had intricate braids, bleach blonde blunt cuts and even shaven hairstyles. Willow definitely knows no limits when it comes to creativity and hair and we love it.

Our mothers should be celebrated each and every day, after all we wouldn’t even be here without our mothers. So lets all be grateful for our mums and especially spoil them on this day. Treat your mum and yourself to 2 £75 All Shades covered gift vouchers, dinner and spa treatments. Sounds amazing right? Enter our Mother's Day Giveaway here for a chance to win. 

Here’s to all the mums, aunts, grans, dads, friends and anyone else that’s been there as a mother figure to us all. Happy Mother’s day!

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