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Love is in The Hair!

Love is in The Hair!

It’s that time of the year again...the birds are chirping, flowers are everywhere, and everything just looks that much more colourful. No, it’s not (quite) spring yet - but it is Love Month! So in the spirit of Valentine’s, we built up the courage to go out and talk to some of London’s study-est studs about the looks that make them do a double take 9/10 times.

When we weren’t being too distracted by all the eye candy, here’s what we managed to find out:

“...puffs, ponytails, french braids. Oh, short hair, maybe even a fade. You know, shorter in the back and on the sides? Pretty much any style that brings out a girl’s face. I like to see their whole faces - especially their eyes - it's easier to appreciate their beauty that way.”
- Michael


“Don’t ask me why but I just love big hair. Sorry, but big curly hair and blow outs are where it’s at. It’s captivating, like you never miss a girl who walks into a room with big hair. Whether or not you want to admit it, you’ll keep staring at her, too.”
- James

Lol. Don’t worry James, we believe you

“On girls that can pull it off, I really like fringes. I don't know, I just think there’s something different and so cute about girls with fringes. Maybe it’s the mystery, who knows”
- Toby


“...short bobs in particular. They’re ‘chic’ and sexy. Even better when it’s short at the back and then longer towards the front. P.S. Your weave game must clearly be speaking in tongues, and it should be complemented with buff eyebrows unless you’re fired and your humanity is cancelled. #SueMe"
- Charlie

#Dead. Ladies please, fleek those eyebrows. Let’s not be cancelled

“You know I gotta show some love to my Nubian Queens. Long or short, kinks or defined curls, I just love the natural look. It’s subtle, yet sophisticated, and screams confidence and sex appeal - in my opinion"
- Kevin

*Nubian = A woman of African heritage. Because ‘Natural’ clearly doesn’t cut it.

“When it’s long with loose big waves and side swept. Yeah, it’s classic Hollywood
- Dan

Our man Dan repping #TeamBadAndBougie

“You know how you guys do that messy bun that looks like you just rolled out of bed - but in reality it took you like 15 minutes to do?...I guess it would be the hair equivalent of the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ (which, by the way, is also a winner). It just looks so effortlessly beautiful” 
- JJ

We half expected someone to break out into ‘Flawless’ at this point. At least he knows no one actually wakes up like this...

“That one that’s like stuck to their head and wavy...*upon seeing a picture of fingerwaves* Yeah, that one. It’s daring and takes a lot of confidence to pull off, so you know she’s a boss if she wears her hair like that”
- Sam

Sigh… ‘stuck to their head’. Why Sam?

“There’s got to be a science that explains the correlation between a girl wearing braids and how  visible and clear her skin/face looks. They can be styled however, and of course with the whole African vibe thing going on - it's relevant and trendy"
- Sean

For all who were wondering; Sean will be starting at SOAS this September, for an M.Sc. in the Science of Braids #ClassOf2018.
...No guys, they don’t actually have a course in the science of braids.
Yes, that was definitely a joke.
We hope.

Hey, turns out the lads aren’t as clueless and nonchalant about our hair as we thought. But ultimately, we learnt that though one style may not fit all - or be every guy’s favourite - if you wear your chosen hairstyle with class and confidence, you’ll be sure to turn heads this Valentine’s.

Check out the complete ASC Brazilian Collection and get started on creating your classy confident look today! As a wise man once said;

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Love is in the hair
So get yours, Boo!”

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