A Guide To Wigs

From clip-ins, to weaves, to micro-beads, hair extensions can be installed in many ways but if there’s one thing you can’t consider hair extensions without thinking about wigs! Closures, lace frontals, ‘u-parts’, custom or synthetic, wigs come in all shapes and sizes and offer you a quick and easy way to install your hair extensions every morning. Acting as a protective style for your natural locks, wigs allow your hair to be tucked away meaning it could be the missing piece to your healthy hair journey.

Half Wig
An oldie but goodie, half wigs offer versatility and a subtle but extra boost to your natural hair. Usually composed of a few tracks, half wigs easily clip onto the hair requiring 2-4 inches of natural hair left out at the front. It allows you to part your hair anywhere you’d like, have fun half-up-half-down styles, or a simple flip over look. Easy, effortless and often very affordable, half wigs are great for those who want a little extra oomph.

U-Part / L-Part / V- Part Wig
Closing in a bit, u-part, l-part and v-part wigs limit how much hair you have to leave out and mimic your standard sew-in weave but with more longevity. These types of wig are almost full wigs, but have a section cut out from the wig cap to allow you to leave a small section of your hair to cover the wig or the tracks. U part and V-part wigs can easily be shifted from middle parts to side parts and L-part wigs allow for your classic heavy side fringe if that’s what you’d like! Essentially, it’s like having a sew-in without having to get the wefts sewn into your cornrows row by row allowing you to keep your classic style for longer and cut down install cost.

Closure wig
Closure wigs are the ultimate protective style. Very similar to u-part wigs, closure wigs allow you to have a simple parting of your choice, or a fringe without having to leave any of your hair out. With small clusters of hair hand or machine tied to a thin piece of lace, closures mimic the scalp and if installed properly can lay seamlessly on the skin. Lace closures usually come in 3”x4” dimensions but a wig installation allows for wigs to be moved from side parts to middle parts in seconds. Simple leaving your hair cornrowed underneath for a couple of weeks till your next wash makes closure wigs easy, convenient and protective.

Frontal Wig
Worn by celebrities for many years now lace frontal wigs have only become popularised and accessible relatively recently. Consisting of a 13”x4” or 13”x6” lace frontal piece stretching from ear to ear, lace frontals replicate the hair line allowing for versatility in parting styles, half-up-half-down styles or even braided styles without leaving any of your natural hair out. Easily put on and taken off, frontal wigs can be glued, taped or gelled down or even left glueless and still look effortlessly seamless. Though requiring some customisation work from a trusted stylist, your lace frontal wig isn’t too hard to maintain if you’re gentle to it. Frontal wigs offer you the chance to get a fresh-looking frontal install more often than a sew in.

360 Frontal Wig
For that next level of versatility, a 360° frontal wig does the job. With lace around the perimeter of the head, not only does a 360° frontal wig allow you to part anywhere you would like, it also allows the hair to be pulled up into a high or low ponytail whilst still having a natural appearance at the nape. It allows your wig to lay very flat whilst having a natural density. Though not one for those who love to use four or more bundles, 360° Frontal Wigs allow for a delicate natural look.

Full Lace Wig
For ultimate versatility and protection there’s nothing better than a full lace wig. Lace that mimics the scalp from hairline to nape, easily parted straight down the back, from ear to ear and put into a ponytail. Full lace wigs are usually the same construction as a 360° frontal wig, however the middle also has hair attached to a slightly thicker flesh tone material giving the illusion of scalp throughout the entire wig. Though this may not be your daily get up and go wig, it will be the best canvas for creative wig styles whilst protecting your hair underneath.

Wigs are the easiest way to completely transform your look without putting too much pressure on your real hair. They can also be used to conceal any natural hair concerns you may have while treating your real hair underneath. Choose from our ASC Squad wigs or put your thinking cap on and create your own style. Never have a bad hair day again, get your wigs here


Need help on how to measure you wig cap. Don't worry, we have a handy guide here...

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Michelle Weaver - May 15, 2018

I really like the concept of U-Part / L-Part / V- Part Wig as these are full type wigs and you can style your hair according to your needs. And these type of wigs are quite easy to carry on your head and you can keep your hairstyle for longer period of time.

Ava Murphy - May 9, 2018

It was nice to know that full lace wigs create an illusion of a real scalp throughout the entire wig because of its slightly thicker flesh tone material. My mother is looking to buy natural hair wigs, and it’s important for her to be aware the type of natural hair wig that she should buy. She doesn’t want others to know that she’s wearing wigs, so it will be ideal for her to shop for full lace natural hair wigs. http://www.akbeautysupply.com/

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