Intro to All Shades Covered
Intro to All Shades Covered

Intro to All Shades Covered

Welcome to the All Shades Covered Blog! We want this platform to be one that truly represents what is right with the black hair & beauty industry. Women of colour have suffered far too long with mediocre service and hair products provided by industry ‘experts’ who claim to cater to the hair and beauty needs of African & Caribbean men and women in the UK and Europe, but want to cash out on one of the biggest markets in the world.

We’ve heard the many stories and have had first hand unfavourable experiences of purchasing beauty products and hair extensions on the high street; patronising hair shops that cater to black men and women but never really owned by the group in which it caters to. Additionally, being on the receiving end of bad customer service or useless advice from staff that work in these stores.

"ASC was developed to cater especially for women of colour. Our mission is to become the major retailer for quality hair and beauty products that our consumers can trust."

Not only that, but we’re working behind the scenes to ensure our hair extensions come from reputable, reliable and trustworthy sources that have the correct quality control and hygiene procedures that they should. In addition to that, we also have in place our own quality control procedures to make absolute sure that what you receive when you buy from us is a product you will be happy with.

We’re also big advocates for hair care, and we understand that just because you buy or wear hair extensions does not mean you don’t have or want healthy hair. That is why we have introduced hair care products to the mix, specifically, brands that cater to black hair in all its amazing textures.

As we grow and extend our range to cater to the all-round hair and beauty needs of black women, we welcome you onto our journey of progression to bring your hair retail experiences into the 21st century.

25th October 2016

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