Go With The Fro

World Afro day is soon approaching us. This is a chance for all of curlkind to come out of hibernation and go with the fro. Whether you’re kinky, curly or coily, world afro day promotes education and appreciation for all things afro.
This day is designed to bring the natural community together, educating and empowering past, present and future generations to embrace, enjoy and celebrate their natural, afro-hair.  Afro wearers can be all shades, genders and ages, and no two afros are identical. To commemorate the diversity of Afros, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite afro wearers.
The Past:

Pam Grier, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross

Afros started increasing in popularity in the late 1960’s and were a sign of political resistance. This was an effect of the Civil Rights Movement. Wearing an afro brought a sense of identity to the black community. This redefined personal style and allowed for the appreciation of black beauty and aesthetics.

 The present:

Solange Knowles, Freddieharrel, Frogirlginny

Natural hairstyles are now firm staples in communities of colour. This style is now relatively free of political and social implications of the past and can be enjoyed without fear of judgement. Afros are now being worn by everybody and those who do not have afro textured hair attempt to achieve the look by manipulating their hair or by rocking wigs.   

The future:

A new generation has joined the natural hair movement and baby afros have taken everyone by storm. The iconic afro can now be seen on toddlers and children and have never looked cuter. More and more black and biracial parents are educating themselves on the art of natural hair and their kids are rocking their natural curls and fros. This movement teaches young black children to love themselves unconditionally and naturally.

Maintaining the fro:

Afro hair isn’t the easiest style to maintain. Hair can get tangled easily and combing can cause a lot of breakage. With that being said, making sure to use the right products and tools to manage your fro is essential to prevent damage. Never comb your hair dry! This can be painful and can cause a lot of breakage. Make sure to deep condition your hair regularly. Using Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque weekly will ensure hair is always hydrated. Alway use an oil like the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your scalp and hair. This will ensure that the hair follicle has enough moisture to strengthen the hair. An oil will also give your hair a healthy shine.

If you have relaxed hair or don’t yet have a fro, use our kinky curly clip ins or bundles to create a natural looking faux fro.


No more toing and Froing! Happy World Afro Day!

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Vincentapons - March 16, 2018

It is a good post. This site is loaded with lots of useful things, it helped me in many ways.

Dominique - October 17, 2017

Great post. Liking the fro appreciation.


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