Getting Wiggy With It (Pt. 1)

Why Are Wigs So Popular All Of A Sudden?

Wearing wigs has transitioned from one generation to another, no longer is it just a thing our grandmothers or aunties wear. Times are changing, along with our hair trends; wigs are now so popular that almost every young woman (...and some men), young or old, wears or owns a wig (or several  for that matter).

We wanted to find out what makes wigs an appealing option for the WOC of today. Here’s what a few of our gorgeous ASC Angels had to say.

Wigs are Easy and Convenient
Wigs are super fast and easy to put on and take off everyday, not only that but they also don’t require a lot of maintenance; it can be as simple as running a brush through your strands to keep it looking good.

“It's convenient, I make and style my own wigs so it's really easy for me to change it. And it’s a quick solution especially when you are rushing in the morning. It’s also easier to look after compared to my own natural hair”
- Miss. Y

Wigs are Interchangeable and Stylish 
Wigs are incredibly versatile making it easy to switch it up according your social schedule. Never again will you be stumped for what to do with your hair.

“Wigs are so easy to wear and are interchangeable. I currently own 3 wigs and I love how I can change it up between day and night looks. I have my straight, conservative work hair for the daytime and my vivacious curly party hair for the evenings”.
- Miss. V

Wigs are Great for Hair Related Emergencies
The great news about wigs is you don’t have to wear them everyday. Wear them when it suits you or when the situation calls for it. In circumstances like this, purchasing high quality remy human hair is a must! Not only will it last longer, but you’ll always have a go-to hair ready and waiting.

“I normally wear my natural hair out or in protective braids, so I tend to wear my wig in emergency situations, say, if I had somewhere important to go but don’t have time to get my hair done.”
- Miss. O

Wigs are Great for Transitioning Hair
If you’re transitioning, wigs are a wonderful way to protect your delicate strands from the elements preventing over manipulation of your hair.

“I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural and my wig really helps me tuck away my hair.”
- Miss. C

Wigs are Protective and Low Maintenance
If you’ve ever been too lazy to do anything with your hair or just can’t think of what to do with it, wigs give you that cover needed while you figure it all out.

“I wear wigs to protect my hair...sometimes I don't even want to deal with it...but I also like being able to pull it off when I get home. Seriously, pulling it off when you get through the door is amazing!”
- Miss. A

See girls, owning a wig gives you so many options and serves multiple purposes. Investing in the right type of hair makes all the difference, wigs made from quality human hair extensions are highly recommended, after all it’s real hair which can be washed, styled and heat treated to suit you!

Have we inspired you to turn your hair extensions into a fabulous custom wig? Are you considering custom making it yourself for the first time? Or perhaps you want to get the professional touch? Read our Getting Wiggy With It Part 2 for some helpful tips.

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