Fix a Bad Hair Day, Fast!

Girls, we’ve all been there...after 3 solid hours of watching youtube hair tutorials, we are now sufficiently gingered and thoroughly convinced that we can pull off the look, and that the finished outcome will be as lit as the sun itself.

That all too familiar process looks something like this:


Ah, just look at the excitement. So much hope


If you pay close attention you can feel the exact moment the doubt begins to creep in - but you press on anyways.


And after a sleepless night ft. the attack of the flexi rods - you get this:

The best part is, no matter how hard you try, you just seem to be diving further into the abyss - and you now have to leave the house in 10 minutes….Perfect.

Don't front. We know you can relate. 
So what’s the solution?
No Mulan, that’s definitely not the solution - smh - so dramatic. Girl thinks her life is one big Disney production, smh.

But as prone as we are to “Bad hair days”, one would think that by now there’d be some sort of survival guide on how to salvage them with our dignity still intact. Well ladies, look no further because we’ve got you (and your nad hair days) covered.

Here are 5 ways you can fix them - and fast!
No one (but you) will ever need to know that your hair was an ex-failed roller set (or whatever other painful hair adventure you embarked on)

These things are so darn cute they might as well be bunny ears. They’re super simple and quick to do, and you’ll look so cute that everyone will be too distracted to think it was a last minute save.

Apparently these aren’t just a remedy to a noisy tummy. Buns have to be the freeloader of hairstyles. They require minimal effort but get you so much praise. Throw in a twisty little pretzel and they might even think you’re fresh out of a London Fashion week rehearsal show.

Eeek to Chic!

Now these may take a little more practice to master than the others, but once you’ve got it on lock down these babies can take you from Celie in the colour purple to Alicia Keys in Vanity Fair (2016) in less than 90 seconds.

These are the foundation of all things black hair. You cannot avoid them. And you cannot go wrong with them. Who doesn’t love a good set of boxer braids? Plus you’ll look too badass and fierce for anyone to question your choice of hairstyle.

Now girl, let me tell you something...if you never practiced on one of those raggedy partly bald headed rag dolls as a child then please do not try this at home...or when you’re in a rush. Perfect your braid game before you make it your top pick for your Bad hair day SOS look.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na-na-na - Gettin’ Wiggy with it

Trust us, if fixing your bad hair days were as easy as bunning your hair and throwing on a killer wig, you’d be getting jiggy too. And who says it doesn’t have to be? It’s never a bad idea to have a custom made wig in your hair harem - you never know when it will come in handy.
Make your own custom wig today with hair from our Brazilian Collection and save yourself the disappointment and sheer heartache of another bad hair day!
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