Farewell FLOTUS: ASC’s Style Diary of Michelle Obama’s Best Looks – All Shades Covered
Farewell FLOTUS: ASC’s Style Diary of Michelle Obama’s Best Looks

Farewell FLOTUS: ASC’s Style Diary of Michelle Obama’s Best Looks

Ladies, the time has come for us to say our final goodbyes.

Today marks the official last day of the Obama administration and we are choking back the waterworks.

 Without discounting everything her husband has achieved while in office, Michelle Obama (MO) has superseded all of our expectations, and redefined what it means to be a First Lady. She has awakened, challenged, encouraged and inspired so many of us - and has done so with effortless grace, and style. So in honour of her birthday and the 8 glorious years she has served us nothing but life giving slayage, we have (with much difficulty) put together a short list of our favourite FLOTUS looks. 

Inaugural Ball, 2009


    Who could ever forget this iconic look? Back where it all began. MO came out to the world as the FLOTUS in this angelic Jason Wu dress, and that shoulder length bob with the side swept fringe that would quickly become synonymous with her style over the next 8 years.

     Buckingham Palace, 2011

    As if Michelle Obama came all the way to London, to Buckingham Palace in fact, to show us  that her reign on style is literally international levels. The dress, the accessories, the gloves, the pulled back hair, the nerve.
    The actual nerve

     Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 34th Annual Awards Gala, 2011 

    So for the longest time we relished over what we believed to be a tapered haircut on The First Lady. It was giving us all sorts of life. And then we discovered this picture…

     Yup. You guessed it. Up-do.of.life.

     China State Dinner, 2011

    This look legitimately set a fire alight in our souls, and the wavy locks in the FL’s up-do tastefully mimicked those flames to a tee. We have no idea what flavour of edge snatching water MO was on this year, but we can all agree that 2011 was definitely her year.

     Inauguration Day, 2013 

    Just in case the rest of us were mistaken to think that the same Obamas of 2009 were being sworn in for a second term, MO upgraded her look with a full frontal fringe to let us know that we would (from that day forward) be dealing with Michelle 2.0. 

     Canada State Dinner, 2016 

    This was one of the very few times The FLOTUS wore longer/fuller extensions and, my word, was she every bit of our body wave goals. Like, how does she maintain this level of slay?  

    If we were her we’d probably be looking at ourselves in every reflective surface like:

  • Italy State Dinner, 2016

    Just look at these two. #CutenessOverload

    The FLOTUS made this dreamy Versace gown her own with a simple, yet sizzling, super straightened version of her signature shoulder length bob. Lest we begin to think that she’s no longer that same woman from the southside of Chicago that we fell in love with 8 years ago.

    Obama's Farewell Speech

    Amidst the teary eyes and heartfelt thank you’s, Sasha Obama’s absence wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention on the night of Obama’s farewell speech. For what was one of her last major public appearances as the FLOTUS, MO added some loose curls to the centre parted straight hair she’d been rocking for the past few weeks and it couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion.

    The truth is, even if we could publish our (endless) list of Mrs. Obama’s iconic looks, it would never be able to do justice to the unparalleled legacy she is leaving behind. So we remain grateful for everything that she has done and everything she is to our worldwide community of women of colour. We will not, however, be saying to firm of a farewell, as we still expect to see her on the world stage, snatching edges and slaying as she continues to fulfill her usual world saving responsibilities.  

     Wishing the First Family all the best in all their post-presidential future endeavours.

    Be sure to get your hands on some of our 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions and start to create your very own presidential look, today! Because if Michelle Obama has done nothing else, she has certainly helped us believe that we are all first class.

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