Hair Extensions Dos & Don'ts

Thinking of buying your next bundle of quality human hair extensions from All Shades Covered? Whether you’re a hair extensions newbie or a pro, our list of dos and don'ts will help you on your hair journey.

Do: Wash hair extensions in-between styles. With human hair it is best to maintain it as you would your own hair. Co-wash with a quality brand like Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner, when hair is fully dry add a drop of argan oil or a little coconut oil to stop hair looking dull.

Do: Take a break between extensions. It is essential to allow your hair to breathe and recover from being in a protective style for any number of weeks.

Do: Go to an experienced professional to install your weave or make your wig. A stylist who has the right knowledge of installing hair extensions to afro hair will ensure you don’t end up with damaged stands as a result of your visit. It may be a little costly, but your hair will thank you for it.

Do: Treat your extensions with care. Brush your hair gently and treat it well, it will last longer. Remember, when using styles requiring heat always use a heat protectant, we like Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Straightening Serum.

Do: Wrap hair with a silk scarf at night. As with your real hair, silk scarves help keep hair smooth overnight. If you have sew-in extensions, whether straight, curly body wave this is especially important. Try tying your ASC hair extensions into a loose ponytail or bun and wrap a silk scarf to hold hair in place. For more security, add a silk cap to keep hair in place.

Don’t: Neglect your real hair. Maintaining your hair between styles is extra important. For more hair tips see our Autumn/Winter Hair tips blog.

Don’t: Use excessive heat on your hair extensions. Limit the use of heat on your extensions to once a week. Rather try using heatless styling methods such as pin curls, rollers or curling rods.

Don’t: Install hair to your scalp using glue. This a definite no-no. Gluing on you hair extensions lead to damage, hair loss and possible skin irritation. It’s best to avoid at all cost.

Don’t: Keep your weave in for too long. The recommended amount of time to keep your sew-in on is 2 to 3 months. Leaving hair in any longer than that may cause hair to matt and tangle, resulting in a painstaking weave removal process.

Don’t: Buy inferior quality hair. Hair extensions can be pricey but remember they are a long term investment. Cheap hair can look stiff, dull, and shed a lot, therefore it is worth buying high quality human hair extensions that will last longer and still look natural. At ASC our carefully selected Remy hair extensions are 100% human hair with each bundle supplied from one donor. With our straight, curly and body wave styles you are sure to have minimal tangling, shedding and breakage. Check out our full collection of human hair extensions and hair care products on

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5th November 2016

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