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#ASCxEstare - The Interview

#ASCxEstare - The Interview

It's here! The long awaited #ASCxEstare campaign sees Estaregrams killing it in our new ombré launch. Shot in Morocco, Estare slayed all the shots, read on and find out about Estare shooting in over 30-degree heat, lack of internet and wigs vs. weaves.


How did you find Morocco?

It was terrific! Though I’ve been before this time, I was able to see it from a whole other perspective. I visited many different towns and did various activities. Discovering a different sight to it was incredible. I don’t know people who did a tour while shooting for a campaign.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

The funniest thing is my favourite part of the trip is also my least favourite. I absolutely loved Sahara desert. I never thought I’d go there, sleep in the middle of dunes. I just never thought it was possible. But it was my least favourite part because there was no internet. It didn’t help me regarding my job, but I appreciated the whole experience because the company was fantastic.

What is your hair routine on a trip?

I doubt I would go somewhere like Morocco with my natural hair because it would take a lot of maintenance. You don’t want to be on holiday spending hours on your hair, so I just bring the wigs I know are easy to maintain. For example, I have a straight one I can tie up and a wavy one if I have a special occasion.

And your hair routine between being a mum and your job?

It’s easy because I don’t do too much to my hair very often. I usually have it on cornrows because I can keep them for a long time. Then I just throw a wig on, and I’m done! Whenever I have my cornrows out, I go to my hairdresser, and she washes, conditions, detangles, treats it and put it back in cornrows. My hair just thrives for being left alone!

What does hair mean to you?

It’s a form of expression, your crown. It gives you the total freedom to choose how to wear it and of course how you express yourself as well. I feel like it’s the final touch to an outfit. It’s like the last piece to the puzzle.

Wigs vs. weaves. Why?

Wigs because it’s versatile. I’m so used to change my hair every day. I like to stick to that idea. When you have a weave you have to keep it for a while otherwise you’re doing too much to your hair. So I like that I can leave my natural hair underneath in cornrows for as long as I like and put wigs on top.

Do you have a favourite wig?

Do you know what’s funny? This hair is my only ombré hair, so it has to be a favourite. It’s perfect for summer! But to be fair I don’t have a favourite one, I just go through them and then I’ll like a style for a period and then it will evolve.

What do you like about the ombré hair?

I really like my ASC hair because it is soft and behaves itself. Sometimes hair is tough to style and needs a lot of products to make it look good. But the ASC ombré hair doesn’t need a lot. The colouring is perfect for the summer time, and it hasn’t dried out because it’s dyed. Even when I washed it, it's remained the same!

What’s the process to wash it? How many times do you wash your wigs?

I use Aunt Jackie’s shampoo and just run my fingers through it. I try not to be too rough with it because of the cap underneath. You don’t want to damage that. Because I have so many wigs, I don’t need to wash them a lot. Usually, I put it in my bathroom sink, add a little bit of shampoo and condition it if I’m wearing it the next day.

Where do you get your #hairspiration?

I think it’s how I feel. I tend to look at an outfit and think about the hair I would like to wear with it. Because I am quite sociable and go out quite a lot, I want something that looks nice, and that’s not going to take that much time to style. I am very practical so I am always into hair that I can easily curl and straighten.

What advice do you have for girls who want to try wigs?

I actually have four pieces of advice:

1. Try a style you've done before, and you know you like.

2. Make sure you've cornrowed your hair as flat as possible. That's going to help to make the wig look natural.

3. Always use some foundation or powder to match the closure with your skin tone.

4. Always try a closure before trying a frontal, because closures are a lot easier to work with than frontals

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