#ASConTour - Behind the Scenes

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes and what went on during the ASC x Estare shoot in Morocco. Travelling non stop for 6 days it wasn't the most conventional shoot - but it made for an adventure that the ASC team and Estare never thought they would experience!

Watch Estare's vlog and read our blog below.

Travel Diary: #ASConTour in Morocco

For our new summer campaign, we flew all the way to Morocco with influencer Estare and photographer Condry Calvin Mlilo. We spent 5 days going from South to North to find the best places to shoot while having some fun. From visiting a Berber family to riding camels and spending one night in the Sahara Desert – get the low-down of #ASConTour.



The itinerary

Ever wanted to make a road trip? Make Morocco your next destination for it – but with a driver! Driving more than 1200 km from Marrakech – our first stay – to Tangier, we experienced Morrocan culture at its best. From Marrakech to  3 days travelling through the High Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate and the Sahara Desert, before a 16 hour drive to Chefchaouen, we literally crossed the country while discovering its diversity and shooting in 30+ degree heat!

What did we do?

The main highlight of this trip was definitely our campaign with Estare. We stopped at many places to get the perfect shot. And our ASC angel got so caught up in the creative process that she even tried some risky poses on the top of a cliff!


This trip was also an incredible experience as we visited a Berber family in Tinghir, a town surrounded by the High Atlas Mountain. These nomads and carpet makers impressed us for the patience in their work. 

"Spent an afternoon in a Berber home, where they demonstrated how these carpets which are made from scratch, using either cactus silk or sheep's wool are constructed by the hands of the women of the community, to then be sold off in larger cities across Morocco. I was amazed to hear they spend around 1-2 hours each day working on just one carpet which could take up to 6+ months to complete. not to forget that each design is unique and has its own special meaning 🇲🇦" @Estaregrams

Another experience we all looked forward to was camel riding and spending a night in the Sahara Desert. It was such an experience – no wonder our most stunning images were taken there! 

Where did we stay?

Dar Zennou, Marrakech

Dar Zennou was a real oasis of calm. After a tiring flight, we were welcomed with mint tea and Moroccan pastries. We dined on the roof terrace where we had a home cooked Moroccan meal whilst the sun went down. After desert we took a dip in the freezing plunge pool to cool off from the heat. After dark we wandered into the Medina to seek out lotions and potions before heading to bed - we were exhausted. Next morning we woke early to have an amazing breakfast feast on the roof, squeeze in a shoot, swing by to pick up Sanmi before road trippin' into the desert!

Chez Pierre, Dades Gorges

Chez Pierre was a lovely surprise after a long day of driving and shooting in 30+ degree heat. Nestled in the Dades Gorges, we would have never expected to find a garden and a pool hidden behind a tiny mountain road. The setting was perfect to see the sun set in the mountains while eating really delicious food and unwinding before a 5am start..


Lyna Ryad, Chefchaouen

Lyna Ryad rooftop view of Chefchouen was amazing as well as it’s indoor pool. Our final shoot location, this was a welcome stop! This place is known for its spa, where we took Estare to unwind after our 5 day shoot. If you have a chance to go there try it.


Languages spoken in Morocco and some useful words.

Moroccan speak Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish but it is not difficult to find an English speaker wherever you go.

Travelling is always fun for picking up some little words, using them with locals and put a smile on their face even if it is just saying:

Hello = Sala Malekum 

Goodbye = Ma’a Salama

Thank you = Shukran

How are you? = La bas?

 Things we brought back from Morocco:

  • Argan oil to bring back texture and smoothness to our hair when they get dry
  • Black seed oil for our photographer Condry Calvin Mlilo who went for a quest for this oil to help his hair growth
  • A berber rug we brought back from Tinghir - The Guys in ASC HQ did not get it...

Things we almost left behind:

  • The berber rug 
  • Sanmi's Hair Brush...

Things we miss from Morocco

  • The laughs we had with Estare and the game "I'm going on holiday and I'm taking..."
  • The Sahara Desert 
  • Schweppes Citrón
  • Our driver Fahrid from our desert tour, who was ACE 



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