An Interview with: Courtney Daniella

Courtney Daniella is the best friend and big sister you've always wanted! As well as a successful YouTuber and beauty blogger, she is also a third year Cambridge student. An inspirational go-getter, Courts is always working hard and strives to succeed, running her side business hustle CBDWigs, supporting ASC as an #ASCAngel and Ambassador to the brand and most recently, appearing on Channel 4 news and Cosmopolitan Magazine, shutting down trolls on Twitter.
Courtney's vlog gives you love, laughs and realness all whilst slaying your hair, make up and nails - there is always laughter, transparency and glamour, read on to get inspired:
What inspired you to do hair?
I loved seeing all the hairstyles different American bloggers were creating. I knew if I wanted the same hairstyles I'd have to learn to do them myself as many stylists didn't know how to get the same look or they were way out of my price range as a 13 year old. So I started doing hair for myself and thought maybe I should start doing it for others as a side hustle. 
What are your hair secrets?
I always wash conditioner out of my hair with cold water, really cold water! It helps keep the shine and moisture locked in which is great. 
Where did you learn to make wigs and dye hair and what advice would you give to someone who wants to start out?
Everything is pretty much self-taught. However, I have worked in 2 salons, the first when I was 16 and there I learnt about installations and braids. The second was when I was 18 and they taught me all I know about colour and natural hair care. 
My advice for stylists who want to start out is, always practice on anyone you can, on dolls, on spare left over pieces of extension! Practise does make perfect in the hair world. Also, invest in your work constantly. Buy good tools and products and invest in learning new skills even if all you can invest is your time. 
What's the worst hair fail that has ever happened to you? 
I remember wanting Ombre hair for prom and not having the money to buy virgin hair, so my smart idea was to buy ordinary pack hair and bleach it as I couldn't find already ombre'd pack hair at the time. My hair did get lighter, but it was also dry, brittle and light green! But I still went to prom and rocked it in some waves lol. 
What are your tips for dying hair from black to blonde?
Never rush it. You may have to bleach the extensions 2 or 3 times and you don't really want to do that all in the same day. Allow yourself some days to bleach the hair, treat it and then bleach the hair, treat it and then bleach it again. Use a good bleach and developer, nothing too cheap and also nothing too high in volume or you could fry the hair; I've done it before, it's not a good look. 
What are the perks and downfalls of being your own boss?
The perks are definitely getting to do what you want to do and taking your work in the direction that you want, it's really fulfilling to see all your efforts and visions have come to life. However, it comes with it's own shortcomings, such as, you have to take responsibility for everything that goes wrong, there's no one higher than you who can fix it, so you definitely learn to become a 'fixer'. 
What is your favourite hair to work on and why? 
I love doing custom colours! Especially when I actually have the time to do them. I love when clients send me really fun colours and I get to recreate them using really good hair. It can sometimes take long but working with good quality hair extensions, lighteners, and dyes/toners make it a fun and rewarding process. 
Can't get enough of Courtney Daniella? Keep reading to find out her top tips and hair secrets. 
Courtney Daniella is an #ASCAmbassador and one of our black female entrepreneur stylist businesses you support through our programme when you purchase any dyed or wig product from AllShadesCovered. To find out more about joining the ASC Ambassador programme and earn yourself some coin - email us at: 
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