A Guide to your First Weave

Are you a weave virgin? Thinking of buying your first hair extensions? Not sure what to look out for? Well, you’ve come to right place! Here’s our All Shades Covered guide to purchasing your very first weave.

What is a Weave?

Before you take the plunge, it is important to know exactly what weaves are. A weave is hair styling technique using pieces of artificial (synthetic) or human (Remy) hair extensions that is added to a person's existing hair. It is generally used to enhance length, volume or add colour. Weaves are also a regular go-to styling option for women of colour used to protect their fragile strands from the daily elements (See our Autumn/Winter Hair Care Tips).

Why Should I Get a Weave?

  • It’s versatile - Wearing hair extensions is easy, it requires little maintenance and allows you to change up your hairdo within days or months, depending on how long you want to keep desired look.
  • It’s protective - Sew-in weaves not only protect your hair from outside influences and severe weather conditions, but with proper care and conservation it can actually promote hair growth. Giving your strands a short break from outside elements.
  • It only takes a few hours to install - A good professional hair stylist should be able to sew-in your new weave within 2 to 4 hours, that includes styling.
  • It can get made into a wig - Having your weave made into a wig - if done professionally - is an equally effective protective solution. Wigs give you more freedom and flexibility with your hair and as mentioned before, you can change up your look at any time.
  • It’s experimental - Add a splash of colour or go all out with a pixie cut on your new tresses. With many fashionable hair styles to choose from you can even buy pre-dyed hair in a range of colours, whether you go for ombre, platinum blonde or the subtler balayage highlights, the choice is ultimately yours. The most popular option is to buy high quality 100% human hair weave in your natural hair colour and get it custom dyed, giving you a unique shade of colour to flaunt.

How are Hair Extensions Applied to my Hair?

There are various methods used to attach weaves, included amongst the popular for women of colour are sew-in, bonded and clip-ins.

  • Sew-in: One of the safest means of hair attachment; the hair is cornrowed into a braid pattern dependant on your head and chosen style. Netting may be added on top of the braid to act as a base for the weave, however this is optional. The weft of hair is then woven with thread on the braids. If you decide to use a lace frontal or closure to bring the style together, these are also attached using the same method.
  • Glue-in (or bonding): With this approach, special weave glue is lined along the hair wefts then applied directly to the un-braided scalp. This style can normally last around 2 to 3 weeks, great care must be taken when removing style. Gluing in your weave is not recommended, it has the potential to cause extensive damage to your hair if not attached and removed with extreme care.
  • Clip-in: A quick and easy way to add length and body to your hair, best of all it doesn’t require going to a salon. Clip-ins are small clips sewn onto the weft of a weave. To apply, hair can be braided or left out and sectioned, the clips are then opened and gently aligned onto your roots from left to right, then closed into place.

What Types of Weaves Are There?

  • Synthetic: This type of hair is made of microfibers put together to imitate human hair. These are usually not heat proof and will melt if heat is applied, however there are now heat resistant synthetic hair brands available on the market.
  • Human: Exactly what is says on the box, this type of extension is the best and most highly recommended type of hair for weave. Human hair comes in many varieties, ultimately it comes down to Remy or Virgin hair which are both similar in characteristics however there are minor differences. They are both of superior quality, come from individual donors, have unilateral cuticle alignment to keep its natural texture, are long lasting, and take very well to bleach, colour and reasonable heat. Virgin hair is not chemically processed in any way, however Remy hair is mildly chemically altered in the form of dye or perm, hence it is the least expensive of the two

We go to great lengths to ensure the hair we supply to our customers meet our meticulous quality control measures, anything less than perfect will not do. Our Remy hair extensions are carefully selected to guarantee the hair you receive is high quality 100% pure human hair. With our straight, curly and body wave styles you are sure to have minimal tangling, shedding and breakage.

How Many Bundles Should I Buy?

A typical bundle of hair extensions weighs around 100g (3.5oz), regardless of length. Therefore the longer the length, the less hair on a weft hence less volume, and vice versa. Your head size, style you go for (straight, curly or body wave), volume you want to achieve, and whether you need a frontal or closure will more or less determine how many bundles you require. As a general guide we suggest two bundles for 10” to 12”, for 14”, 16” or 18” you will likely need around three bundles, anything over 20” may require up to four bundles.

We hope you found this guide useful and informative. If you do have any questions about your ASC hair extensions or are thinking about buying from us, feel free to contact us. Remember to sign up to our mailing list for exclusive offers including a discount code for 10% off your first order.

We’re always expanding our product ranges so be sure to check out our full collection of human hair extensions and hair care products on www.allshadescovered.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and behind the scenes activity.

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Prin - May 31, 2018

Hii I have clip in extensions I was wondering if I could have them sewn in or not

Prin - May 31, 2018

Hii I have clip in extensions I was wondering if I could have them sewn in or not

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