8 Winter Hair Tips To Protect Natural Hair

This is the season that your hair needs a little extra love and attention. All that hard work that has gone in to your hair over the warmer months will slowly disappear this winter unless you take control of your hair. 

Winter brings on new challenges that naturals have to battle with. One of the biggest concerns is maintaining moisture while being surrounded by dry air. Natural hair is already dry so weather, heating and other external factors can dry out natural hair even further. A few tweaks, the right products and a consistent routine will have your locks looking luscious in no time.

1. Deep Condition

Deep condition your hair as regularly as possible weekly/twice a month depending on curl type and hair thickness. Adding extra protein, moisture and nutrients to the hair is particularly important. This helps prevent breakage, brittleness and keeps our tresses hydrated and ultimately looking amazing. Great deep conditioners that every girl should have in her bathroom are: Dr Miracles Leave in Treatment and Conditioner - great for regular use, Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner - perfect for damaged and brittle hair and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque

2. Steaming

Take in all the benefits of your favourite deep conditioner by doing a steam treatment to your hair. This will open up the hair cuticles so the ingredients can penetrate the shaft. Not only is steaming great for moisture retention, it also strengthens the hair, defines curls and promotes growth. 

3. Seal your ends 

The LOC method (leave in, oil, cream) never fails. Use a good 100% natural oil to seal ends to ensure they stay hydrated and to minimise split ends. Oil locks in all the other products that have been used underneath locking in moisture, as well as keeping out the outside elements like dry air or indoor heaters. Ends can be over exposed during the winter months so it is important to take extra care of them. Remember they are the oldest parts of the hair so require the most attention. Oils that are great for sealing ends include. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, KeraCare Essential Oils and KeraCare Silken Seal. 

4. Co Wash

Co washing stands for conditioner only washing. It's when you skip shampooing and rely solely on a conditioner to cleanse hair.  Co washing increases moisture in natural hair as shampoos with sulphates and lathering detergents are not used. It is great for the hair during colder months as it ensures hair is hydrated to the max as it cleanses. If you do decide to use a shampoo, make sure you use a sulphate free one such as Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo. Shea Moisture conditioners, Cantu conditioners and Aunt Jackie's conditioners are all great options for co washing. 

5. Refresh Throughout The Day

To ensure hair is constantly hydrated on the go, use a refreshing leave in mist to spruce up your curls on a consistent basis. This will give your hair the moisture top up it needs when you are out and about. Use Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Oil Shine and Hold Mist for natural hydration with all the important nutrients. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner is a weightless spray that leaves hair looking silky on the go, perfect for those that want something lightweight for the hair. 



6.Protective Styling 

Cover up your hair as much as possible during colder months. Tucking your hair away will eliminate damage and dryness caused by the weather. Styles such as buns, wigs, weaves and head scarves should be your best friend this season. Make sure hair is hydrated and conditioned before tucking it away.

7. Choose the right tools

Put the straightener, the hair dryer and the hair brushes away. Instead opt for a protective style and if you must use a hair brush use the Thick and Curly Tangle Teezer. Its unique two-tiered system technology eradicate tangles and knots without causing breakage to the hair. Never comb natural hair dry. It will cause breakage always ensure that hair is damp before brushing or detangling hair.    

8. Trim Hair Regularly

Trimming is essential for any naturalista regardless of the weather, but bears particular importance in the winter. Cool air can cause hair to become dry and brittle which can lead to breakage and split ends. Trimming ends regularly will stop hair from breaking. 

Shop all your winter hair essentials here. Don't forget, if you look after your hair, your hair will look after you. 

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Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola - January 31, 2019

Thanks for these tips. Comb natural hair with wide teeth comb instead of tiny teeth comb or brush and do that when the hair is wet.

Samantha Steven - August 10, 2018

Thanks for the tips. There’s honestly an issue for naturals. Your tips were spot on. My explication uses to be to exercise in the winter and take a break in the summer. This article also provides the best solutions which can help us manage our hair https://www.everydayhealth.com/beauty-pictures/repair-winter-damaged-hair.aspx But with your great tips, I am willing to try. Thanks!

Clara King - January 30, 2018

Loved this post! I’ve got mixed hair and when my hair is curly during the winter, I tend to notice how dry and frizzy it can get. The Shea Moisture range is something I’ve been a huge fan of for years now, so I totally agree with your choices here. I did recently come across this product from Shu Uemura too (https://pauledmonds.com/product/shu-uemura-art-of-hair-wonder-worker) which is definitely something I’d recommend. It’s like a leave-in conditioner and is super lightweight, so it doesn’t end up dragging your curls down at all. Let me know what you think if you end up trying it!

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