6 Must Have Hair Tools for WOC

Ladies, now we know when it comes to our hair there is no messing about. Our hair is as unique as our personalities, and with that being said take a look at our top 6 must have tools every woman of colour, whether you're natural, relaxed, chemical treated, long, or short.

  • 1. Satin Scarf

  • An absolute staple of staples, the satin scarf or bonnet is not only important for preserving your style, it also prevents your ends from being damaged by the cotton pillowcases that drain the moisture out of our hair.

    Sating hair bonnet

    2. Denman Brush / Tangle Teezer

    Those tangles aren’t going to de-tangle themselves! Although some ladies opt for finger detangling, using a Denman brush or Tangle Teezer makes it a smoother, less time consuming process. It’s also aids in ensures even distribution of product into your strands.

    Denman Brush and Tangle Teezer

    3. Pins (Bobby Pins)

    Okay, who can’t relate to buying like a zillion bobby pins at the start of the week, only to be left with one measly pin by the end of that same week! It’s not like they have legs, so where do they go?? Either way, these little gems are great for a number of styles and those unfortunate bad hair days.

    Bobby Pins, Hair Pins

    4. Butterfly Clamps

    Another one of those accessories that disappear out of the blue, these butterfly clamps are useful to use when sectioning your hair in the shower or when styling. It can get somewhat tedious styling your hair, so sectioning hair with butterfly clamps or hair clips is an absolute must.

    Butterfly Clamps

    5. Disposable Plastic Shower Caps

    These conditioning caps are wash day saviours and best of all are super useful for deep conditioning treatments, they help keep heat and moisture locked in for the conditioner to properly penetrate your follicles. Also handy to use as a regular everyday shower cap at home or on holiday.

    Disposable Shower Caps, Conditioning Caps

    6. Applicator Bottle & Spray Bottle

    Super handy for easily applying oils, water, or special mixes to your hair, the spray bottle is a must when you just want to add a little H2O to hydrate your curls, and the applicator bottle is great for ensuring those much needed oils get directly your roots.

    This list pretty much covers the basics, but we all know there are many more must-have accessories out there. Nevertheless, if you're stuck for style ideas why not have a quick read of blog Fix a Bad Hair Day, Fast. Toodles!!!

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